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Collierville Family Law Attorney Helps Resolve Child Support Disputes

Tennessee lawyer provides compassionate guidance when assessing children’s needs

At The Collierville Law Firm, we understand that many issues in a divorce can cause lasting damage, especially to children. Child support is one of those issues. Attorney William L. Hagan III takes child support issues seriously and works diligently to help ensure children’s needs are met without causing undue financial strain on the parents. Since 1996, we have fought for parents’ and children’s rights in child custody and child support disputes, persuading courts to order fair payments and helping parents owed money pursue collection of unpaid support.

What child support covers

In Tennessee, child support is required until a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, and it covers expenses such as the following:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Basic education
  • Health insurance
  • Medical expenses
  • Childcare
  • Some clothing and entertainment

Our law firm helps parents determine their qualifying expenses and advocates for an appropriate award to cover them.

How is child support calculated in Tennessee?

Both parents must support their child financially, regardless of where the child lives.  The rationale behind the law is that children should receive support at the same level they would have if the parents were living together.

Support is not, however, divided equally. The amount each parent must contribute is determined by the court using a fairly complex formula that takes into account factors that include:

  • Each parent’s adjusted gross income
  • How many children are covered by the support order
  • How much parenting time, in days, is spent with each child

So, a parent earning more will likely be ordered to pay a greater share of the child’s support; a parent who spends less parenting time with a child will pay more.

The court considers most types of income when making its determination, including:

  • Overtime
  • Bonuses
  • Severance
  • Pensions
  • IRAs/401(k)s
  • Interest
  • Trusts
  • Annuities
  • Capital gains
  • Disability benefits
  • Workers’ compensation benefits
  • Unemployment benefits

If a parent is unemployed or underemployed, the court may assign income based on its determination of what the parent should be earning or the state average income.

Child support enforcement options in Tennessee

If your ex-spouse is behind on child support payments, we can take action to uphold your rights. As a skilled family lawyer and a staunch advocate for children, William L. Hagan III will notify the owing parent that we intend to take the case to court for failure to pay, which adds court costs to what is already owed. We can also ask the court to enforce payment by finding your ex-spouse in civil or criminal contempt. The court may also order jail time, revoke a driver license, or direct wage and income tax refunds from the delinquent party to be paid directly to you. If you are the parent accused of failing to make support payments, we provide strong representation on your behalf that protects your rights.

Modification of child support

In Tennessee, being owed overdue child support is not grounds for a modification order. Child support may only be considered for modification if a significant change has occurred in either parent’s finances. We help clients modify support awards, by providing a thorough review of the requirements and guidance on how to proceed before the court.

Contact our Collierville attorney for help with child support

The Collierville Law Firm helps clients resolve child support matters throughout metro Memphis. For a free consultation, call us at 901-614-0318 or contact us online. Our office is easily accessible on New Byhalia Road in Collierville.