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How do I file for divorce?

In most states, you begin by completing a divorce “petition” or “complaint” where you provide basic information and indicate how you want the court to decide child custody, child support, property division and alimony. You should make two copies of your petition and file it in the court of the county where you or your… Read More »

How is property divided in divorce?

Generally, spouses are allowed to keep their separate property ― assets they owned before the marriage and gifts or inheritance they received before, during, or after the marriage. Property acquired during the marriage — such as income, savings, retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, cars, homes, and furnishings — is considered shared property, and divided between the… Read More »

Do contested divorces normally cost more than uncontested divorces

It is difficult to predict how much your divorce will cost, because so much depends on the particular facts, but the overriding factor is whether your divorce is contested or uncontested. The cost of a contested divorce can escalate quickly, so it’s important to work closely with your attorney to reduce expenses where you can.

What do I need to start the divorce process?

The process for starting a divorce varies by state and residency requirement.You might also need to live apart from your spouse for a certain time before filing. Visit your county courthouse or download a divorce petition from your court’s website. Once you’ve filled it out, you’ll need funds for the filing fee and service of… Read More »

Will I have to pay alimony in my divorce?

In some states, judges calculate alimony using formulas based on earnings, living expenses, assets, and debts. But a judge can also consider the length of the marriage, the age of each spouse, each spouse’s earning capacity, and whether the supported spouse is caring for young children. If you have specific questions about your potential obligation… Read More »

How much does it cost to get a divorce?

The total cost of a divorce depends on the complexity of the case and whether the spouses can work together. Attorney rates depend on experience level and the market for legal services in your area. To reduce costs, spouses can try mediation, which is often less expensive. A local family law attorney can explain the… Read More »

What is a legal separation?

Legal separation is a specific status similar to divorce, for couples who don’t plan to resume their marital relationship but aren’t ready to dissolve their marriage. The only difference between legal separation and divorce is that legally separated parties aren’t free to remarry. A family law attorney in your area can explain how your state… Read More »

How much alimony will I get in my divorce?

Most courts decide whether to order alimony payments — and in what amount — based on a formula set by state law. These formulas take a variety of factors into consideration. You and your spouse can also negotiate an alimony settlement and ask the court to approve it. An experienced family law attorney in your… Read More »

How does the general process of adoption work?

To adopt through a private agency or state foster care system, you must apply and submit to a “home study,” to determine if you can provide a suitable home. In an “open adoption,” birthparents and adoptive parents meet and share identifying information. An international adoption is complicated by U.S. laws and the laws of the… Read More »

How do I gain sole custody of a child?

Our family law attorney in your area can provide greater detail about how to get sole custody of your children. Contact our firm for help with your case.